General Information

What makes the BeautyHAK™ lights so unique?

Their versatility. Our lights don't require an outlet or countertop. BeautyHAK lights go where you go, bathroom to bedroom and home to travel.

They can be applied to any mirror for better lighting during makeup application and selfies so you never have to risk bad lighting again.

What types of lights do you have?

We currently offer two designs: the White Diamond and the Deluxe Chrome. The main difference between the two is the chrome end caps on the Deluxe version.

Are the BeautyHAK lights safe on any mirror?

Of course! Your safety is one of our top priorities.

Make sure you position both cups completely and securely on the mirrored surface. Don’t attach your lights if only one cup can be secured. Your lights will stay attached for long periods, but they should be checked periodically to ensure the cups are staying put.

How do I know my BeautyHAK lights will travel safe?

Proper storage is key here. Remove the suction cups and store them in the hard case after every use or when traveling. Put the lights in the soft protective travel bag and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t want to remove the cups from the lights after every use, you can leave them attached and store them in a drawer. Just make sure nothing comes in contact with the cups, as that could ruin their attachment capabilities.

How do I extend the battery life?

There are several ways you can ensure the batteries run longer and are easier to maintain:

  • Put a fresh pack of batteries in each Light Bar when you first receive them
  • Replace all batteries at the same time
  • Turn off the lights when you’re done applying makeup

Each unit does come with a 30 minute auto shut off timer in case you forget to turn them off.

What if my lights stop working or begin to flicker?

Check that the batteries are inserted correctly (+ should face up). If they are installed properly, try swapping out ALL of the old batteries with NEW batteries.

The lights are meant to be used for daily makeup application, and should last a few weeks. Using them every time you go into the bathroom, or a few times a day, will lead to the batteries depleting more rapidly.

Where are the lights made?

Our lights are designed in New York and manufactured in China.

Can my lights be used as utility lights?

Yes, but they should only be used on windows and mirrors. The suction cups are not designed to work on porous surfaces, such as walls, wood, or tile.

Shipping and Returns

Can I order internationally?

Of course! We’re trying to bring our beauty accessories to the whole world. Unfortunately, our current operations require higher shipping costs for international orders.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

There is a 1-3 day processing period from the time you place your order to the time it ships. You can expect your package to arrive within 10 days of the ship date. International orders can take up to 30 days to arrive.

What if my lights arrive damaged?

We package every order with the utmost care to avoid damage during shipping. In the rare case that your lights do arrive damaged, please contact us at so that we can replace them.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns for a limited period after you receive your lights. Reach out to our team at to learn more.

How do I return my purchase?

If you’re unhappy in any, please contact us right away at