About Us

Who We Are

We are BeautyHAK!

Founded by a renowned product designer and his beauty obsessed wife, BeautyHAK is like no other beauty company on the market. We design products that are simple, efficient, and easy to use - the way beauty tools SHOULD be.

What We Want

At BeautyHAK, we are in search of the most original, innovative designs that simplify your everyday beauty routine. More importantly, we’re on a journey with you - our customers - to discover what works best for you and for us. Our goal is to redesign and reimagine familiar products to ensure they’re reaching their ultimate potential and actually helping YOU!

Maintaining the status quo is no longer good enough! This is just the beginning of the HAK.


Imagine beautiful, glowing light any time, any mirror. Backstage Beauty Lights are unique, lightweight, and portable. We’ve developed two kits for you to choose from: the White Diamond Push Button and the Deluxe Chrome Captive Touch On/Off. They’re amazingly easy to apply to your mirror, and you can take them everywhere you go!

From your bedroom to the bathroom, simply stick these lights on any mirror and start applying your makeup - no cords and no counter space needed.

Our light kits are the first of their kind, dual frontal lighting that suctions on in seconds. Any mirror in your home, instantly feels like a complete makeup studio. Take them on vacation, take them to a friend’s, the durable patented travel ready design makes it easy!

And that’s just HAK One.

Let the HAK revolution begin. Viva la HAK!